Quick Tips For Kitchen Supplies

Tips For Purchasing Green Kitchen Appliances for Restaurants or Home Kitchens

When you are designing a kitchen for your home or business, think about purchasing green or environmentally safe products. Most kitchen and restaurant supply store have green products because many restaurants and homeowners are buying them. How do you make the commercial or home kitchen as green as possible?

Ovens and Char Broilers

ovenEvery kitchen uses ovens to cook and heat food. Look for ovens with programmable controls and timers. It will save you time so that your customers are served food quickly and family members, too. Timers keep you from constantly opening and closing the door thus saving energy.

Look for a convection oven because of the air circulation. It cooks faster and lets you cook several pans at one time. This saves time provides customers with faster service. When purchasing a combination commercial oven the convection mode will save you energy and water. When using the oven it pays to cook as much as possible at one time and then turn it off.

Look for ovens with accelerated cooking technology for faster cooking times and service. These ovens are combination, convection and impinger models. Convection ovens offer faster cooking times than conventional models. Choose electric ovens because they are more efficient with energy than gas. Insulated ovens prevent heat loss and choosing a oven with infrared burners will greatly reduce cooking time.

Char broiler or griddles save energy when they are electric and infrared elements heat in about 90 seconds saving time for preheating. The heat source is always below the food and electric is the best for energy savings.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Look Energy Star rated brands in refrigerators and freezers.. Chose easy to use electronic controls that let you program defrost cycles and save energy. Customized shelves let you control how to stock food and frozen items. Look for high efficiency motors in these models that save money and work for long periods of time.

Dishwashers and Low Flo Pre-Rinse Sprayer Valves

restaurant dishwasherWhen selecting a dishwasher look for the Energy Star certified name brands. These brands save about 25 percent more energy than others. A built in heat recovery system let’s the dishwasher recycle heat. Look for a model that uses less water or has a reduced rinse cycle. Programmable controls are easy to use and let you choose the cycles you want.

A low flow pre-rinse spray value is used to rinse off dishes in the sink before loading into the dishwasher. They use less water about 1.6 gallons per minutes and save you money. They are better than the regular models for dish washing station in restaurants and very efficient.

Ice Machines

Water cooled ice machines waste water because after use the water is dumped down the drain. Look for air cooled ice machines because they use less water. In warm weather they throws off heat. The restaurant can get a remote condenser to offset the heat in the warmers weather.


Look for a steamer with Energy Star ratings for faster cooking times and less energy waste. A connectionless steamer lets you fill the water reservoir yourself and drain it. This model has an advantage of being faster and more efficient. It wastes less steam and energy. Other features to look for in steamer are programmable controls, temperature sensors, and heated walls that maintain temperature.